Membership Application Process

Application Web Form

A key feature for organisations is the possibility to provide a web form where companies or individuals can apply for membership. Our solution provides a pre-defined online form that can be published online or even be part of email campaigns. By customizing an online form you can decide which information you want your applicants to enter. When the correct information can be gathered already from the beginning you optimize the application process for the users.

Our solution captures information based on three categories. These are personal information, membership details and agreement of terms.

Redirect to further instructions

After the application is submitted the applicant will be redirected to the next step which includes information on what will happen next. Our solution will provide information regarding payment of first member fee in order for the request to proceed.

The same information is automatically sent via email to make sure the applicant doesn't miss this information.

By using the capabilities in the NetSuite platform for online forms we can easy customize what will happen after submitting a online form. This makes it possible to tailor the whole application process and make it fit your needs.

Membership Application Board

When a membership application is submitted a new customer record is created in Netsuite with status Prospect.

All Prospect ends up in the first column in the Membership Application Board and get the status New Application.
The Application Board gives the team a great overview and helps them handle all applications in a very user friendly, visual and efficient way.

Every application needs to be verified in several steps in order for it to be valid

  • Duplicate Control

  • Membership details verified

  • Contact information verified

The application progress bar illustrates how far you are in the process with each application. The last step before a membership is created and becomes valid is that the payment needs to be made by the applicant. All applications will be in status pending payment until payment is made.

Application Progress Checklist

The application checklist provides guidance for the member administrators to work with applications in a consistent manner. By using pre-defined steps you are working more efficiently and with less misstakes. Since an application can take time to process the checklist makes it easy to remember in which step you are at all times. The process bar also gives quick information about your work progress and makes it easy for managers to get a good understanding of the daily status.

Membership creation

When the payment is received and verified it is time to create the membership. This is simply done from the membership board by clicking New membership for the current application.

From the membership the first payment received is registered as a Cash Sale. The cash sale will transform the prospect to a customer with a valid membership.