Almost all organisations offer some kind of support function for their customers. In addition to that the support function must be both easy to access in order to provide value, but even more important it needs to respect customer integrity.

For member organisations it is very important to provide this kind of functionality in order maximize customer satisfaction. By offering a professional support feature, organisations can gather useful knowledge of frequently asked questions, thus giving them the opportunity to optimize their services.

NetSuite includes a support module that is incorporated into our membership solution in order to maximize member services. A key benefit of our solution is that members are based on the customer record, hence allowing full utilization of the support module that connects registered support cases directly to the member.

Help Online - make sure your members find you

When enabeling members to register support cases, organisations have the possibility to gather important information right from the start. By collecting correct information at once, the support process is more likely to be successful and give the member the correct help in the correct time.

Our solution provides pre-built case forms that can be published online, which makes them easy for members to find. The forms are structured in such a way that it's easy for the member to navigate the case to the correct department based on the case topic.

After registration the member will receive an automated email with details from the created case. The online forms are adjustable so that they can fit any organisation.

Case routing - make sure cases reach the right recipient

It is of high importance that cases registered by members reach the correct recipient for further assistance. The routing in our solution is based on the membership layers, such as the area/product in combination with the case type.

By routing the cases with pre-set criterias we can make sure that member integrity is maintained and that lead times are minimized.

Support Board - speeds up the work

Working with support cases requires high attention and prioritization of cases in order to provide high quality support. The ability to visualize the workload in a well specified process will play a key role for the success.

Our solution provides a pre-built support board that visualizes the work in the specified support process. By great features such as drag and drop and quick access to key support actions we minimize support lead time and maximize member satisfaction. To learn more about our Boards, click on the following link.

Communication - a unified language is more proffesional

In order to maximize member satisfaction within member support, the way you communicate play a big part. The information that reach the member is a direct representation of the organisation.

In order to achieve great communication our solution provides both pre-built email templates, that the whole support team can use, and automated emails when specific support tasks are executed.

With a support team using a unified communication process, members will benefit from high quality service levels at all times.

Alerts - give members the attention they ask for

Different cases need different attention, by providing members the ability to prioritize their cases.

Our solution include pre-built email alerts that are triggered by specific criterias for high priority cases. By using this feature we make sure that both the responsible support agent get information in time, and members receive information of progress.