Application Process

A successful training or event is based on organizations reaching out with information to desired participants. For member organizations, it is important to visualize different trainings and events for their members.

There are of course different ways to achieve this, we have in our solution focused on the following three approaches.

  • Online registration via the website

  • Targeted mailings via active campaigns

  • Registration via member MyPage

Apply Online

Through customized online forms created in Netsuite, current training and events can be published on the organization's website. When a registration is submitted, an application is created in Netsuite.

The online forms are based on an html structure and can easily be setup according to an organization's various wishes. The solution comes with a preconfigured form containing all the necessary fields for a member to fill out.

An online form can be linked to a specific lead source, meaning all aplications via this form inherit this lead source. This provides the possibility to follow up the training or event in terms of ROI.

Campaign - the strengths of marketing

Working with campaigns in Netsuite comes with many benefits. With this tool, organizations can define the campaign's financial parameters, such as costs and expected revenue.

Furthermore, a campaign is of course based on a target group. Through Netsuite's power to create saved searches, dynamic selections of different target groups can be defined and reused in future campaigns.

The next component is based on the offer, through pre-defined html templates, the marketing department can set up the offer with the desired layout. In this way, the target group receives all the information needed to potentially submit their application.

Last but not least, the actual mailing to the target group is handled. The campaign module schedules runs for sending emails. The mailing includes the offer with a predefined email message. This includes the link to the registration form. Via this, the target group can send in their applications.

Via standard reports offered in Netsuite, campaign emails can be followed up, this gives the marketing department the information on how many people have received, read or clicked through in the email.

Campaigns are linked to a specific lead source that is linked to all the applications that are generated. In this way, a campaign can be followed up in terms of ROI.

MyPage - available at all times

Through MyPage, organizations have the opportunity to publish information that they want members to be able to access. Via this channel, various educations and events can be published with the possibility for the member to directly submit their application.

Our solution is set up to show all training opportunities or events that are in the status Releaed. If the number of places is not filled and the application period has not passed, members can submit their application.

Advantages of MyPage are that members have full insight into the admission process as they can follow the status of the application.

Training Application Board

Trainings and events always have fixed dates that must be met, therefore it is important that all applications are processed efficiently to keep to the schedule. The steps that the process consists of depend on the training setup, such as settings on prior knowledge and certificates to be checked.

Our solution comes with a pre-built board that lists all applications that have been received in a clear way. Administrators can easily filter out the desired training or event and process applications efficiently.

By using drag and drop administrators can transfer applications through the process in a faster paste.

Application status and notifications

Each application that is processed will be assigned a status that describes whether the applicant has been allocated a place or not or alternatively a reserve place. It is therefore very important that the applicant receives information throughout the process. Depending on the status, different information will be sent out.

For all applicants who have not been given a place, information about this should reach out well in advance of the start date of the training or event. The solution comes with functionality where preconfigured emails are sent out to applicants, either manual or scheduled email runs.

All applicants who have been offered a reserve place will also receive information about this with further instructions. The function for sending emails is the same as above.

For applicants who have been offered a place, a slightly different handling is required. Applications need to be monitored throughout the period until the end of the training or event. During different phases, different information will be sent out. Upon admission, a confirmation will be sent out confirming that the person has been admitted.

A shorter period before the start, a notice will be sent out with additional information. For example, important times, participant lists, directions and a training schedule can be sent to maximize that all participants are well prepared.

By using the application board, administrators can gain full control over the entire process.