Training & Event Platform

A training is based on three main records where information is linked to each other for a well-functioning process. These records are Training, Training Opportunity and Training Application.

The training record is the starting point when organisations compile their training catalog. This record consists of information that regulates the training.

In this record, the training gets its name and a description with detailed information.

The training is assigned to a resource group and resources are assigned to specific roles.

If the training requires prior knowledge or specific certificates, these requirements can be stated on the training record. This will then be a basic requirement in the application process for participants.

Training opportunity

A training can be held on different occasions and in different locations. This is managed in the platform's next main record, called Training Opportunity. In this record, the training receives more detailed information that applicants need to take part of when applying.

Date and Time specifies when the training opportunity takes place.

Training Location and specific place are set, which enable applicants to find the most appropriate training opportunity.

Directives for checking prior knowledge and certificates are determined. This means that registration managers do not miss important checks before applicants are assigned as participants.

Number of participants and last day for registration are specified. These may vary depending on the occasion. This allows training resources to keep track of the number of participants assigned, and maintain a reserve list.

A Training schedule can be set up to give participants full insight into the training they are to participate in.

If the training requires or offers options, such as books or other required equipment, these can be defined on this record. All options will be visible in the application form where applicants can choose those that are needed.

Pre-defined communication texts for application status, notices and certificates are defined in this record. These texts are used for automatic emails and printouts that applicants and participants receive. With the help of these, the entire application process can be handled efficiently.

Training application

The last main record within the training platform is the training application record. It holds information submitted by an applicant and is linked directly to the specific training opportunity to which the application relates.

Each application is given an initial status based on the training opportunitys basic setting. This makes it easy for application administrators to work in a structured way. The basic settings of the training opportunity govern what the applicant needs to do, such as sending in certificates or other documents as proof of prior knowledge. If options are selected they will be visible in the application.

Via the application record, training administrators work with the admission process. This is managed by different statuses.

As long as the last application date has not passed, applications can be submitted. All applications are directly linked to the member and can always be found on the member card. If the applicant is a customer then the application will be linked to the customer record.


By setting up places and premises, training administrators can create opportunities for applicants to find the most suitable one. The solution offers the possibility to specify where the training or event takes place, and also details such as building, floor and room.

Furthermore, the information is used to send out invitations with detailed directions and instructions to accepted participants. With the help of this, the chance of a timely and successful participation is maximized.

Training Schedule

A key factor for a successful training is to communicate the schedule of the training to the participants in advance. The participants will probably be better prepared and the whole impression of the training will be better.

The training opportunity includes functionality to create schedules for all training days. It is very easy to specify schedules that describe place, day, time, content and course leader for the entire training session. The schedule can be sent out via email to all participants in advance, including any additional instructions.

Training Options

A common need when arranging training is to be able to offer the participants the possibility to buy training material, participate and pay for dinners, give them the option to eat meat, fish or vegan. They might need transfer from the airport and stay for a few nights at a hotel.

With the training module you can let the participant book add-ons and then bill all participants at the same time in an unified process.

Personal Certificate

After completing the training, it is desirable for the participants to be offered a personal certificate for completed training. This makes the whole impression of the training so much better. Using our report generator, tailor-made certificates can be generated for all participants.

The report generator collects information dynamically from both the training records and the participant. This is then presented with the desired layout. The Membership solution comes with pre-built layout templates for certificates.

After completing the training, training administrators can assign certificates via email or printout to all participants.